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Welcome to the Morgantown  
Although we do not handle rentals, some of our owners do rent their homes. 
Here is some helpful information to make your vacation more enjoyable:
  • Garbage pick up for 2x Weekly Customers (Yellow topped cart) is
  •  Wednesday and Saturday from March 1 to Labor Day
  •  Monday and Thursday from Labor Day to February 28            
  • All garbage must be placed in designated garbage carts. Please roll carts to the street by 8am on pickup day. 
  • Always use boardwalks to access the beach. Do not trespass by walking between or under houses or  through vacant lots. Observe NO PARKING signs.
  • Dogs are to be leashed at all times. Make sure that you pick up and bag all dog "poop", even on the beach.
  • Do not hang towels or clothing on the porch railings.
  • We are a pedestrian neighborhood. Please drive slowly and watch for people walking on the road. Parking is available for the large pool near the tennis courts and a parking lot for beach boardwalk access is located on the west end of Morgantown.  Cars and golf carts must be parked in the driveway and may not be parked on the street at any time.
  • Fireworks and bonfires are prohibited on the beach and in the neighborhood. If you use a grill at the rental house, please empty the cooled, used charcoal into a trash bag. Do not empty it into the sand. 
  • Enjoy our pools and tennis courts but please observe our posted rules. Do not allow children to swim unsupervised. Contact your rental company for pool code. 
  • Respect our beautiful beach. Watch for weather changes and call 251 968-8433 for current weather conditions. Protect our sand dunes, wildlife and sea creatures. Please do not leave anything but your footprints in the sand when you return home. 
Please keep in mind that Morgantown is a family oriented neighborhood. Homeowner's will be fined if their guests do not follow these rules. We have many full time residents in our community who call Morgantown their home. Your consideration of our regulations is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your visit.


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